Question / Help How can I capture video and audio coming from Studio One (DAW)?


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Hello first thread here,
I need to do a video with audio signal coming from Studio One via ASIO drivers, since OBS Studio doesn't support ASIO drivers natively I have downloaded a plugin called 'obs-asio-installer_1.3.1', developed by some members of this forum I think, and which add ASIO drivers option in OBS Studio. Now, the problem raise up when I run both Studio One and OBS Studio together because both runs their own instance of ASIO drivers and so some sort of conflict come up and no audio signal is captured by OBS Studio. Is there a workaround to overcome to my problem?

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I'm using an integrated audiocard, I don't have an external one.


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Well thats my question too, the asio drivers that you have downloaded work very well for audio input but does not capture the output of your audio in studio one. There is a way to do this with voxengo recorder but that, unfortunatly gives some latency.
If latency is not an issue you can download voxengo recorder plugin and use it on a track in studio one =) this sends the audio to obs.

Since I have the same issue and latency, for me, is a problem I will contact further when a better solution is found.


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i was having trouble with this using reaper and ableton live i tried voicemeter but it did not play well with my system.....
so i got out an old pc and old interface and hooked the two together downloaded obs ndi and it was working that way for a few days now that quit working i cant get audio from my webcam or the other pc now
here it was working


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omfg i can get on with my life now i figured my problem out
somthing was corrupt in my user profile created a new user profile and everything wortks with the two pc stream again
so if you have an old pc i would recomend going this route that way you dont have to tax you pc with daw with encoding video at the same time