Question / Help Monitoring Mic delayed, desktop audio not.


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I am a new OBS user and have yet to get to know all the capabilities of OBS.
I am trying to create my setup but struggle with routing. I am using a RME fireface 400 to route all my audio signals to OBS.
The problem I have is, I want to monitor the audio that OBS hears. What I did is, I set the the windows desktop audio to one channel strip of my audio interface, which I also set in OBS.
Then I have my mic routed to one input of my audio interface and set that in OBS as well. All good. Now in order to hear the auto ducking of the desktop sound triggered by the mic signal, I need to monitor the sound coming from OBS and not the audio interface. So I routed the OBS signals to one software channel strip of the RME. All good except the mic is delayed. Only the mic, not the desktop sound. I can't figure out for the love of god, why and where the problem lies.

Can someone please help me finding a solution to this?

Would appreciate very much.