rme fireface

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    Bug Report Not working at all with Fireface RME 802 soundcard

    Hello, I'm coming since I can't use OBS with my fireface RME 802, nor by firewire nor by USB, on Mac OS X. No sound is captured whereas the soundcard is recognized. It works perfectly with other softwares... In the logs : Fireface 802 (23675986)' initialized [input_callback]:[device 'Fireface...
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    Question / Help Monitoring Mic delayed, desktop audio not.

    Hello, I am a new OBS user and have yet to get to know all the capabilities of OBS. I am trying to create my setup but struggle with routing. I am using a RME fireface 400 to route all my audio signals to OBS. The problem I have is, I want to monitor the audio that OBS hears. What I did is...