1. J

    Question / Help Increasing video latency with Avermedia Live Gamer Portable Lite

    I've been trying to capture gameplay with the LGP Lite, and every time, the video delay increases some. I have tried turning off the buffer setting, which works, but it makes the capture more choppy. The best solution I've found is to disable and re-enable the capture. However, it's a very...
  2. L

    Low latency, high performance x264 options for for most streaming services (Youtube, Facebook,...)

    Reference links: Youtube recommended streaming encoder settings x264 fullhelp x264 settings basic wiki Another x264 settings basic wiki Presets comparison table Explanation of x264 tunes Basic output settings: Rate control: CBR Keyframe Interval: 2 Preset: superfast (ultrafast doesn't use...
  3. X

    Question / Help Low-Latency not working?

    So the problem I am having is connected with the latency setting... I am streaming on twitch with the the settings on the picture. In the options I have selected the low-latency mode but when I check advanced settings on twitch it says normal latency and the delay is still around 6-8sec. Any...
  4. SimBaa

    Question / Help Input lag inside games while streaming

    I get high input latency inside games when I stream them using the software encoder but no lag when using hardware encoder, I'm limited to 2200 bitrate so I need to use the software encoder for decent quality at that bitrate since I'm streaming at 720p30 (I cant go lower than that or the quality...