video delay 3-4 sec between cam event and OBS control view


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Hi guys, I know there a lot of similar threads in the forum but I haven't found any being answered or giving detailed feedback on this issue. I hope being precise enough to hopefully get some advice or help. Thanks in advance.
I am trying to build a setup for playing DARTS online via conferencing tools like Skype etc. Basically the installtion is working fine except the video delay of 3-4 seconds in the internal network which is too much long when playing vs. real other players. Since audio is shared by a second device connected to the conference tool I do not care about audio in this case. I know that some delay is quite usual but I wouldn't ask for help if I wouldn't have a comparision to another tool called 'Splitcam' in combination with excatly the same devices, network and settings in place. The video delay I get with Splitcam is less than 1 sec which is great. Why not using Splitcam instead OBS? The video quality captured from the cam is very poor and obviously no way to improve. Also the configuration tools of the cam do not show significant delay no matter if on Smartphone or desktop. Video is close to real-time.
Since the video quality in OBS is briiliant I would llike to get the delay issue under control and continue with OBS. Playing around with cam settings e.g. resolution, bit rate etc. have had no impact on the latency.
My used components/settings:
IP Cam Reolink E1 5 MP: max. resolution 2560x1920, frame rate up to 30, bit rate up to 4096
Video capturing via rtsp stream
Windows 10 PC, 64bit, i5-2500@3,3 GHz, 8 GB RAM
OBS Studio: "stream delay" deactivated, no effects active

If someone has any tip to significantly reduce the latency I really would appreciate!


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