How to stream music so that each listener is in sync?


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My objective is to have a bunch of people listening to the same music stream on their phone using headphones so that everyone is in sync. This way we could have a silent dance party. One way to achieve this would be for the stream to have no latency, but that is hard. Another way would be for everyone to have the same latency.

I've been trying to use OBS with a youtube livestream to do this. Is this the best choice of streaming tools for this? Is there a streaming service that allows me to just stream audio without video, which would probably be faster? Is there a way for me to control the latency so that each listener is in sync?

Harvey S

If all the people are in one location, use a low power FM transmitter and have everyone load a FM Radio app on their phones.

We do this in church services for the hard of hearing.