1. J

    Question / Help I need help with technical problems o my OBS settings, please guide me?

    I'm trying to do a youtube channel and of course, its video games but mostly retro. I bought component cables from HD retrovision and I could play with better and sharper graphics. I've wanted to record my game footage with a dvd recorder but no player has component input unless its composite...
  2. L

    Question / Help A SMALL CHURCH NEEDS HELP: OBS Dropping Frames on MacbookPro & Other Problems

    Hello. Our church recently needed to livestream/record our services due to the quarantine order. Because our church is relatively small, we really didn't have a budget. SETUP - 2 iPhones running OBS Camera: Lightning to USBC - Media & Slides from Proclaim (Church Worship Software): Display...
  3. akriegman

    How to stream music so that each listener is in sync?

    My objective is to have a bunch of people listening to the same music stream on their phone using headphones so that everyone is in sync. This way we could have a silent dance party. One way to achieve this would be for the stream to have no latency, but that is hard. Another way would be for...
  4. M

    Question / Help Delay everything, except Camera source?

    Hello. I have looked for an answer to this, and I can't seem to find one that convinces me, that this is not possible, so here goes. I have just now hooked up a Camcorder via the Avermedia LGP LITE GL310, and it works like it should. But, there is as expected a delay on the camera, compared to...
  5. J

    Question / Help RTMP Video & Audio Delay

    Hi, so I have an incoming RTMP feed. However I want to delay that feed even further. I noticed a filter I can add is "Video Delay (Async)" Does that delay the audio too? If not, what is my best way to delay the audio with delaying the feed as well?
  6. K

    Question / Help My facecam or mic seems to slip in and out of synchronization.

    Currently I'm streaming nintendo switch gameplay on OBS, and my gameplay feed and the game's audio is fine, but I find that my blue snowball and my webcam just can't seem to stay in sync. I start the stream with a certain delay, a viewer tells me it's out of sync so I change it, then it's in...
  7. M

    Question / Help Can’t seem to get any app to work that let’s me use phone as webcam

    Hey there :) Not gifted in tech troubleshooting but I watched several YouTube tutorials in about 5 hours of frustration yesterday. I installed droidcam and epoccam and neither of them worked for my laptop and phone. Is there any other apps you would recommend? Thank you for any help!