Question / Help I need help with technical problems o my OBS settings, please guide me?


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I'm trying to do a youtube channel and of course, its video games but mostly retro. I bought component cables from HD retrovision and I could play with better and sharper graphics. I've wanted to record my game footage with a dvd recorder but no player has component input unless its composite which looks crappy compared to component, even with a converter it looks the same. So that only leaves me with capturing game footage thru a capture card and recording it on my computer. I have a retro TINK and it works fine. So I can record but here are some technical problems I have; the sound is not synced, there's a delay in sound. Now I can get around that with my camcorder and just edit the sound coming out of the camcorder and match the sounds from the game footage. But that's not what I want. If I want to stream on twitch and they don't sync, what's the point?

The other problem I have is my microphone. I get echoes when I talk to people on skype or discord or even if i'm streaming and my voice gets repeated coming out of my speakers. I just don't know what settings control the microphone and speakers that does all that stuff. There's the settings on OBS and my computer, then on skype or discord and twitch but there are also some terminology I don't know what it means or what it does. So I'm stressing over this and I really need help. If there's any expert who can guide me to this, help me test this out, tell me where to go whenever I have these problems, I can write them down and so I'll know what to do next time. So is there anyone that can talk to me on discord or skype and help me troubleshoot? Been having this problem for months and I never get the hang of it. Not even Geek Squad was helpful and that was a waste of money. ~_~