audio echo

  1. B

    Either OBS or Elgato is acting up, causing echoed game audio on playback Here's my sound test (note, though this is TotK there are no spoilers here). Everything sounds clear to me, but when I play it back, the game audio is doubled up. I expand more on the circumstance in the description, including why I'm rather...hesitant to come here...
  2. P

    Streaming echo and choppy party chat voices

    I stream on Twitch from an Xbox Series X via a Rybozen 4K capture card to a MacBook Pro running the most recent software updates of both the Mac and OBS. My Xbox is connected to the internet via ethernet cable. I currently run two mics; one from my wired Astro A40 headset to the capture card...
  3. A

    Mic and Audio Echo

    Hi I hope someone can help me. I'm brand new when it comes to recording and using OBS. I've recorded some of my sims game through OBS. its worked and i can hear the game audio and my commentary however it is echoing. How do i get the echoing to stop? I do not have a mic or headset as its a...
  4. H

    Audio not synched and echo..

    Hi. I'm having several audio problems, but the biggest at the moment is that when I record from VHS to my HDD, the preview audio is delayed from the video. I'm having other audio problems as well, but if I can fix this one first, it might fix the others, too. The other major problem is that...
  5. X

    My desktop audio sounds echo-y, even tho neither my room nor my microphone doesn't produce echo

    So basically my sounds sound a bit weird, like someone is using a snare drum when it is being recorded. I have no idea why is this happening, it started around 3-4 months ago and it is still happening when I try to record. Here's my log if you're interested 15:22:45.647: CoInitializeEx...
  6. H

    Audio Echo Issues

    I am just getting started with streaming and I'm having issues setting up OBS. Every time I try to start streaming, I get an audio echo and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it working right. Can I get some tips on how to get my audio and microphone working right?
  7. D

    Microphone monitoring without echo

    Hi! I've been using OBS for YEARS but I have never found a way to monitor my mic without having it echo on my desktop audio capture. I know I can just change it to mute output: "Monitor Only (mute output)" and route my mic through my desktop audio but I want it to be independent so that if I...
  8. T

    Having issues with audio playback.

    I am having a few issues with my stream audio. I was testing to see if everything is good to go for my stream, and I noticed an audio loop, echo, and some of what I was saying was not going through. I was able to care of the echo by adjusting my noise suppression. I have checked the regular...
  9. J

    Vlice echo streamlabs obs

    Hey everyone, A couple of things...I use voice mod and use nvidia broadcaster for the mic. O have a voice echo when I record with stream labs and my voice. Shadowplay even constantly records my voice with the mic turned off. I have tried everything but still have a echo. If anyone can help...
  10. C

    Echo In Video Conference Only When Mic Is Routed Through OBS

    Merry Christmas. :) I'm using OBS for Zoom / Skype / video conferencing. I set up some audio filters as well. But when I go mic -> OBS -> Skype, the other person can hear herself, unless I use headphones as well. But when I go mic -> Skype the audio for the receiving end is fine, even if I...
  11. P

    Audio problem: weird echo sound

    I'm using OBS since 6 months with my Boya BY-M1 without any problem! Suddently, since a few days, my audio got worse: volume goes down and an odd echo appear! I didn't change anything before this problem happens. I made some basic check: - all devices are muted in OBS Mixer Audio, except...
  12. N

    Echo and distortion from microphone on Fedora

    Hi I am new to OBS. I have installed it on Fedora 33 from RPMFusion. I have added the Noise Suppressor with default settings. But whenever I speak, the voice is relayed to my speakers, I don't want to hear my own voice relayed back to me, and there is a weird echo that lasts up to 3 seconds...
  13. B

    Microphone echoing

    Hi guys so basically when i connect my headset to obs to record as a microphone and listen to the game volume, all sound echo's through my microphone, when I record from my capture card the sound comes through my headset but echo's out the microphone. Even when I'm listening through to youtube...
  14. D

    Mic audio echoing and robotic sound.. Help pls!

    Alright so I'm new to OBS and just trying to get the basics for my stream up and running on twitch. Im working with a Macbook Pro, an Elgato HD60S+, Xbox One S and a Blue Snowball usb mic. The good news is I have the most important thing the gameplay coming through but there is no audio. But I'm...
  15. B

    OBS has weird echo effect when recording with apple earbuds.

    When I record Minecraft with OBS, there is a weird echo effect. When I unplug the earbuds and record, it's fine. Example: | Skip to 18:50 and listen to chests close. Log File:
  16. Yulahandro

    Every day, new problems with OBS especially echo

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I'm podcasting live on youtube but every time I go live on youtube I have a different echo problems A couple of days ago, OBS stopped to seeing skype then somehow I fix it but then Obs started to add sound source after I went live bc of that my guest's...
  17. L

    Question / Help OBS echo during recording.

    Hi, I'm new to OBS and I've finally got everything working as I need it too. I'm simply recording game videos for my Youtube channel. I have a USB mic hooked up and I'm using iShowU Capture. When I record, I can hear the game and my mic inside of my headphones. However, the game audio is...
  18. J

    Question / Help I need help with technical problems o my OBS settings, please guide me?

    I'm trying to do a youtube channel and of course, its video games but mostly retro. I bought component cables from HD retrovision and I could play with better and sharper graphics. I've wanted to record my game footage with a dvd recorder but no player has component input unless its composite...
  19. D

    Question / Help Eco do desktop quando falo

    Bom dia, oque acontece é o seguinte, eu uso ou faço para transmitir uma tela do meu celular, um projeto ou um som do celular por um cabo auxiliar junto a uma placa de áudio usb, meu problema no caso é que, ou áudio do meu celular para que não fique obsoleto quando o fone de ouvido é colocado...
  20. I

    Question / Help Audio sounds odd from desktop can someone help?

    the audio from my friends in my youtube video seems as though they are through a tunnel and its kinda unclear. i would like to know why, i have checked my settings with many youtube videos. above is my audio settings and the youtube video showing the audio...