Having issues with audio playback.

I am having a few issues with my stream audio. I was testing to see if everything is good to go for my stream, and I noticed an audio loop, echo, and some of what I was saying was not going through. I was able to care of the echo by adjusting my noise suppression. I have checked the regular culprits. I don't have monitor mode turned on for the audio so it does not play-back as desktop audio, and I also muted all tabs to make that it is not played as "desktop audio". I tried closing and reopening OBS studios, and that oddly just changed the issues I was having. I started out with all three, then "fixed" the echo, then came the repeating, then the speed of the repeat changed, first it was about a second after I was done speaking, then it was immediately after saying something (ex. w/w/o/o/r/d/d), then for a fraction of a second it stopped being fussy before I could load the proper scene so I could stream, it started again with the echo. I have tried all I can think of and decided to post about it after the 3rd time it happened.

Thank you in advance!