repeating audio

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    problem with the audio

    Hello everyone, im new with all this and i recently try to stream on twitch but the problem is that after i say samething, whatever i say it keeps repeating all the time. If someone could help me i would be really grateful
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    Having issues with audio playback.

    I am having a few issues with my stream audio. I was testing to see if everything is good to go for my stream, and I noticed an audio loop, echo, and some of what I was saying was not going through. I was able to care of the echo by adjusting my noise suppression. I have checked the regular...
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    Question / Help OBS Audio looping in a constant echo

    Hello, I have a very tedious problem and I actually have no idea how to fix it. The audio loops for ever and ever until it fades out by itself. For example, i say Hello, and it repeats at least 5 or 6 times until its gone, and that happens for everything. I tried streaming Valorant just now...