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    How do you make "Pokemon Showdown" 's chat appear in obs? (SKETCH INCLUDED)

    AHEM, Please excuse my poor sketching skills, this is kind of what i want to achieve. makes it easy to look at and easy to record. ive been trying to find help, can anyone help? i know you can probably do something like this with the browser option in obs, i want atleast a tutorial on how it can...
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    Question / Help I need help with technical problems o my OBS settings, please guide me?

    I'm trying to do a youtube channel and of course, its video games but mostly retro. I bought component cables from HD retrovision and I could play with better and sharper graphics. I've wanted to record my game footage with a dvd recorder but no player has component input unless its composite...
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    Question / Help Stream Unstable | Dropping Extremely High Amounts of Frames, Have No Clue How to Fix

    Hello, so I've been having a lot of problems streaming over the last few months, every time I stream around the one hour mark I begin to drop thousands upon thousands of frames, I have tried everything from a wired connection, to changing servers, to allowing OBS through the firewall. The one...
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    Question / Help Technical/Setting Difficulties Involving Framerate and Video Quality

    Anyhow for a bit of background, I've been trying to use OBS to make youtube videos again. I discovered that OBS was causing my computer to either blue screen of death. Or black screen of death, followed by restart under both scenarios. (I tested four times. Three Black screens, one blue screen.)...