Question / Help A SMALL CHURCH NEEDS HELP: OBS Dropping Frames on MacbookPro & Other Problems

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Hello. Our church recently needed to livestream/record our services due to the quarantine order. Because our church is relatively small, we really didn't have a budget.

- 2 iPhones running OBS Camera: Lightning to USBC
- Media & Slides from Proclaim (Church Worship Software): Display Capture input
- MacBook Pro 2018, i5, QuadCore, 8GB
- USB Audio Hub: Line-In from Soundboard.

- The video recordings seem to be lagging. According to the OBS data, we aren't getting all 30 frames in. Below is a screenshot of FPS when nothing is recording. It usually is between 12-17 FPS when recording. CPU is usually 1-5%.

- Also, the third time we recorded, one of the OBC iPhone Camera became unsynced with the audio.

- What can we do to enable all 30 FPS?
- What can we do to prevent the OBS iPhone Camera from un-syncing with audio?
- What can we do to prevent OBS from randomly crashing?

- I have included 3 log files during the last time we recorded.

- To see our first attempt, you can check out our service here.

Thank you in advance to all who can help.
In Christ,
Joshua DeLeon


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I do not know why the crashes are, I don't see anything obvious in the logs...As for your issues with unsyncing, you might want to consider using a network cable to livestream. I've noticed on my Macbook Pro 2017 that for some reason, streaming over wifi causes massive amounts of lost frames (10-15%) and occasional unsyncing while using network cables keeps everything working very nicely.

God bless you & your church going on with the service.

LBC Livestream

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Thank you. We are actually not live streaming, because of our internet speed. Just recording. We believe the syncing problem is coming from the iPhone inputs. Sometimes the feed comes in slow and sometimes fast, even though our audio is constant. We are not sure how to fix this.


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19:16:59.904: Output 'simple_file_output': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 178 (33.1%)

You're overloading your GPU. Lower your canvas resolution to 1280x720.



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Not sure if I can help with your problem - but I wanted to say thanks for giving me some ideas for our services. We have never streamed before, so this is new to me. I am in charge of OBS/Proclaim. We use a Mevo with the GoPro2OBS program to stream to OBS. We have our audio piped in directly from our mixer (but of course running through a hum eliminator first). Because our video comes from the Mevo (over WiFi) and the audio is direct, I had to add a 1900ms delay to the audio to get it to sync. Feels extreme to me, but it aligned perfectly. I actually used a Metronome app on my phone that plays audio while it flashes the flashlight - which helped me sync audio perfectly.

I had to laugh because each of your people in the stream - the music director, piano player, pastor, and woman/man singing - we have the same exact individuals and very similar camera shots.


I would change my settings->output to advanced mode and change my encoder under Recording (since you aren't streaming) to one of the Apple hardware encoders.