Question / Help Audio Latency on OBS Studio with Elgato HD60 S?


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Hey, I recently got myself a Carby to use with my GameCube. It's been a fantastic device, but it seems like my HD60 S doesn't want to play nice with it. In OBS Studio, I have to use the DirectShow video capture because the regular Game Capture HD source crashes the program. After five or so minutes of gameplay on the DirectShow capture, the audio starts to lag behind the video. After ten minutes, the difference in timing is extremely apparent. This occurs on OBS Studio with or without monitoring, and the issue does not seem to appear when using Elgato's software.

Here's a vod of the stream I did. You can see the audio get worse over time and I continuously hide and show the source to fix it. Additionally, here's a 12-minute recording of video vs Elgato vs monitor. You might need to open it in special video editing software to see the separate audio tracks.

I left my GameCube and OBS running all night. The delay on the Elgato's output was little to none, but the monitoring was very far behind.

Log File (no crashes, just delay happening over time):


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No output session in the log.

Need to open OBS, start an output session, observe your issue, close the output session, then upload the current log without quitting OBS.

In this logfile, OBS starts but there is no recording or streaming performed.

Other note:

23:42:19.843: - source: 'Elgato HD60 S' (dshow_input)
23:42:19.843: - monitoring: monitor and output
23:42:19.843: - source: 'Game Capture' (game_capture)
23:42:19.843: - source: 'Display Capture' (monitor_capture)
23:42:19.844: - source: 'Window Capture' (window_capture)

The above is a recipe for problems and potentially bad performance. Game and Display captures both want to capture the entire screen. The fact that you've got that AND a window and device capture in there makes it look like you've got one catch-all "gaming capture" scene with all your captures. This offers convenience at the expense of reliability and performance.

One resolution would be to duplicate your scene collection and customize this one scene in that collection such that you have 4 collections, all identical except for which main capture method is included, or else to duplicate that one scene 4 times in your current scene collection, once for each main capture method.

Hiding sources does not always end their resource usage.