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Hey everyone!

I'm a Drum Streamer on Twitch and I've been having some serious issues with audio drift between my Drum Audio and Song Audio. I'm already compensating for initial delay in OBS, but no matter what I do both audio signals either start in time and then gradually get out of time, or they both start out of time and gradually get in time. I've tried MANY different configurations, but with no luck. I was told that this is most likely a buffer that OBS adds?

Here's some more info regarding my setup:

1. I'm using a Scarlett 18i20 (1st Gen)

2. I'm using microphone inputs 3 to 8 to mic my drums. 6 mics total.

3. I'm then mixing and mastering the drum signals in FL Studio.

4. At the end of my master chain, I'm using a plugin called "Voxengo Recorder" to send the processed drum signal to OBS.

5. I then am compensating any delay in OBS using the delay compensation. The audio still drifts out of time though.

I then thought that maybe the problem is the Voxengo Recorder plugin or FL Studio. So, I found a plugin for OBS that allows you to bypass a DAW and use the Scarlett's individual inputs within OBS, and it still didn't work.

I've also posted this question in the OBS Discord, and was given a couple of things to investigate:

01:53:36.218: asio-input: Cannot open Focusrite USB ASIO. (Error code: 0x54f)
01:53:38.470: warning: Increasing reorder buffer to 1

I'm not sure if these things have anything to do with my specific problem, but I thought I'd include them anyways.

Does anyone here have any kind of suggestions?

Filtered Log file: