1. Psebcool

    Docks reset each time when I launch OBS (after new update 29)

    Hi, Even when I replace them and lock the docks, they reset at the next launch. I already try to remove the global.ini, not working. Log: Thanks !
  2. MisutaaAsriel

    OBS Toolbar 0.1.2

    This plugin makes it easy to access common OBS controls in a toolbar-like widget, without the need of the OBS Controls Dock! Features Stream, Record, Studio Mode, & Virtual Camera buttons. Undockable, with top or bottom window placement. Status display, with stream status, recording status...
  3. BrunoMartelli

    OBS is great ..but! - Blackmagic Video source can't have 2?

    I want 2 scenes, 1 with plain fullscreen video from my camera, and the second where the video is in a circle overlaid over a web-browser. How to do this? cant duplicate the source, pasting a reference means whatever filter (the circle ) is applied to the video in both scenes. If I make a second...
  4. 8

    How to configure two separate microphone sources with one usb audio interface?

    Hi folks, I have a behringer 404 hd, a podmic (on Channel 1) and a beyerdynamic headset (on Channel 3). How can I configure OBS to use two different micro inputs? System: Manjaro Linux with pipewire PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.56) Server Version: 15.0.0 Default Sample Specification: float32le...
  5. Psebcool

    OBS 27.2.1 - OBS don't save vertical size of UI panel.

    Hi, I have some issue with OBS since last update. OBS don't save save the vertical resize of Scene/Source/Audio Mixer/Controls panel. Each time I lauch OBS, I need to resize it. Even when I lock/unlock UI. Anyone have this issue ? Thanks
  6. YorVeX

    Free xObsSimpleHttpControl - Simple HTTP/URL control for OBS v1.1

    D̲e̲s̲c̲r̲i̲p̲t̲i̲o̲n̲ This tool acts as a simple HTTP gateway to the obs-websocket interface. The idea is that more tools can trigger simple HTTP interfaces instead of opening a websocket connection and sending JSON. Also from user perspective it's easier to use, because formatting URL query...
  7. J

    OBS not showing interface when starting from task scheduler

    Hi, i have the following situation: If I open OBS from a normal command line, OBS will start as usual, with its GUI interface. But if I schedule that same OBS start in a .bat file, run by task scheduler, it will open in "background mode?". It's only visible in the Windows Task Manager. I'd...
  8. M

    8 Mic Inputs - > OBS

    Hi all, I'm very new here, and I've been searching the forums/google for the answer, but nobody seems to have the exact issue. My band and I would like to live stream to OBS using 8 microphones. We've tried several options, but nothing seems to work all the way... Problems/conditions: -...
  9. M

    Weird UI artifact / glitch after installing OBS on Linux Mint

    Hello, I've just followed these instructions to install OBS (v26.1.1) on Mint (v20.1 - Cinnamon). After opening, my UI looks like it's glitched (see screenshot below). I'm not able to access the main menu or click on any buttons for the scene transitions / controls (nor anything that weird...
  10. S

    Not detecting interface audio

    I have OBS getting audio from the inputs on my interface and it was working perfectly fine. One day, it just stopped working. To troubleshoot I uninstalled (user settings tooo) and reinstalled, still nothing. I then moved my interface to a different computer with OBS and it worked perfectly. I...
  11. musicbySTIX

    Audio Drift - Twitch Drum Stream

    Hey everyone! I'm a Drum Streamer on Twitch and I've been having some serious issues with audio drift between my Drum Audio and Song Audio. I'm already compensating for initial delay in OBS, but no matter what I do both audio signals either start in time and then gradually get out of time, or...
  12. Niddam

    Preview as dock for better tiling

    I noticed, that the tiling of docks in the main window enforces a layout, which primarily divides the interface into rows. The output preview then takes up the entire height of its row. This prevents tiling like this (demonstrated using docks in separate windows) and can lead unuseful or...
  13. I

    Question / Help OBS Studio - UI DPI Scaling Issue in 4K Resolution

    Hello, Just as the title says, I'm running OBS Studio (the latest version) on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, on a 4K native resolution monitor and I'm having some issues. I'll attach a picture to illustrate a bit better. As you can see, I can get the writing to scale up (currently the screen scaling...
  14. W

    Question / Help DAW Streaming with Audio interface - OBS Crackles/static noise (not buffer size)

    I've been struggling with my apollo twin duo on windows (thunderbolt). Tried every piece of software to have my DAW and OBS communicate with each other (voice meter, all the common ones, etc.) . However the only way I can do it is messing with direct sound on my daw audio preferences. But then I...
  15. N

    Question / Help Chose the right microphone source, but don't see it in OBS Mixer

    Hi, I want to record my audio with the Universal Audio Apollo twin Interface but I have one problem. When I go to settings - Audio - Devices - Mic/Auxiliary Audio and choose the right interface, OBS can't find the audio signal so i have no signal in the mixer. The problem is, this audio...
  16. devster

    Question / Help Audient iD14 support

    I was evaluating this interface to add a microphone to my setup (MacOS, I know, not the default choice), not just for streaming. I was wondering if it's possible to have separate channels inside OBS with it. Ideally I'd like to have microphone, chat, and game sound all available to OBS, not just...
  17. zsmendenhall

    Proper audio interface compatibility please!

    I have a 18i20 Scarlett audio interface that records up to 18 inputs. My suggestion that is that you make it so anyone can easily access Asio audio (windows) or the audio from Mac (I think it's core audio) in OBS. These are the audio sources used for DAW applications such as Reaper, Ableton...
  18. arunki

    Question / Help Ableton Live into OBS

    Hi, guys I am using an interface Roland Duo Capture Ex together with Ableton Live 10 to mix voice and guitar in my live presentations. Is it possible that OBS gets this sounding into my videos? I'd love to have this nice soundings into the videos i make with OBS. I am a bit confused about...
  19. J

    Question / Help Drag docks does not work most of the time

    Hi I am trying to drag my docks around on the OBS interface on my Mac. I can grab the top of each dock and remove it from the interface, but then it gets stuck out as seperate window and I can not get it to drop back into the interface again. Sometimes it will work (1 out of 25 times), but...
  20. B Saint

    Question / Help Microphone Latency/Delay issue. (SOLVED)

    I was originally using my Play Station Gold headphones/Mic and everything seemed to be working ok just not a great quality microphone, so I switched to my microphone and headphones that are connected to my USB audio interface (Steinberg UR22MKII). That is when I noticed that while monitoring my...