Proper audio interface compatibility please!


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I have a 18i20 Scarlett audio interface that records up to 18 inputs. My suggestion that is that you make it so anyone can easily access Asio audio (windows) or the audio from Mac (I think it's core audio) in OBS. These are the audio sources used for DAW applications such as Reaper, Ableton, Protools, Etc... I have tried multiple things to try and fix this by using multi-output midi settings on Mac with the program sound flower or the new software black hole. On windows I tried in the past, I tried but failed because I couldn't get the program voice meter banana to work properly. I'm not a genius with this kind of audio software tech so I'm hoping everyone at OBS here's my plea to properly and simply make it so people can easily access their interfaces and use their audio gear without struggle. I'm a drummer so I require at least 8 mic inputs sent thru my interface. My dream for the last few years has been to be a Twitch drummer. This struggle has made properly drumming on Twitch not even a possibility. I guarantee if you integrated this support you would make many people happy, and see the music/podcast community flourish. Thanks -Zack Mendenhall
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