Question / Help Ableton Live into OBS


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Hi, guys

I am using an interface Roland Duo Capture Ex together with Ableton Live 10 to mix voice and guitar in my live presentations. Is it possible that OBS gets this sounding into my videos? I'd love to have this nice soundings into the videos i make with OBS.

I am a bit confused about which link to use. ASIO LINK PRO or the 'andersama' available in GitHub. I found it difficult to manage the download in GitHub. And, the truth is, i don't know whether one of the apps mentioned will really be a solution for me.

The Roland interface works nicely with OBS. Just i'd love to add more quality, exactly the quality Ableton gives to my sound. It would be nice if OBS could get the sound coming from Ableton.

I am using windows 10.

I am very grateful to yours attention.