audio drift

  1. S

    Capture card audio drift

    Hey, so I've been noticing that as of late my capture card audio seems to be gradually drifting really badly after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay (for context, I play through the audio coming from obs, so I can stream and still hear my game). This issue seemed to fix itself for about a month...
  2. K

    Audio drifts out of sync

    Windows 10 Pro i-5 12600/32GB RAM (b-die) EVGA 3080 ti Hybrid I have been recording live streams and noticed that sometimes the video and audio stay in sync for a 90-minute recording and sometimes they do not. I am seeing that a file may stay in sync for approximately the first half of the...
  3. musicbySTIX

    Audio Drift - Twitch Drum Stream

    Hey everyone! I'm a Drum Streamer on Twitch and I've been having some serious issues with audio drift between my Drum Audio and Song Audio. I'm already compensating for initial delay in OBS, but no matter what I do both audio signals either start in time and then gradually get out of time, or...
  4. W

    Question / Help audio drift

    I'm experiencing audio drift when recording with OBS and I'm wondering how I can resolve it. I attached the log file from my recording attempts. My video source is an IP camera (Hikvision) that I'm connecting to via RTSP over my LAN wifi. My audio source is the line-in on my computer, coming...