Capture card audio drift


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Hey, so I've been noticing that as of late my capture card audio seems to be gradually drifting really badly after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay (for context, I play through the audio coming from obs, so I can stream and still hear my game). This issue seemed to fix itself for about a month out of nowhere, and then came back after I moved my setup which just involved unplugging and plugging stuff back in. Its gotten really bad recently, where it used to take an hour or two before it was noticeable, it now takes only 10 minutes before I have to reboot obs, which gets annoying fast.
I'm using a relatively cheap external capture card off amazon (this one:, and im wondering if the issue is the card, or my computer. Is there anyway to get this card to not have audio delay? Or would I be better off just getting a different card. I did some research and it seems that for some people the issue wasn't the card, and was instead the usb port, but I've tried every port on my pc and it just seems to get worse every time. Any advice?