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  1. D

    Yet another thread asking about fixing Desktop Audio Delay

    I apologize for the repeat questions if any. My consistent issue is that i come to notice that audio when doing anything on my desktop while streaming or recording with OBS gains gradual audio delay that becomes very annoying when i notice it and when i review a VoD, i realize there's an absurd...
  2. S

    Long Audio Delay Requirement

    I have a unique challenge in which I need more than 20sec of OBS audio delay in order to match my Video delay filters. Conceptual: - Person approaching a podium indicates live event begins (very fluid), and the Operator starts the livestream encoding which also kicks off a 45sec bumper video...
  3. G

    Any HDMI capture cards you would recommend?

    Hello, I use OBS mainly to record gameplay footage, nothing too fancy. However, lately, my recordings have been having audio desync, and i am not sure why. i have messed with bitrates and audio delay so much to no avail that im ready to get rid of this cheap no brand composite capture card i...
  4. S

    Capture card audio drift

    Hey, so I've been noticing that as of late my capture card audio seems to be gradually drifting really badly after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay (for context, I play through the audio coming from obs, so I can stream and still hear my game). This issue seemed to fix itself for about a month...
  5. L

    Desktop audio delay

    Recently I have come across an issue where on my streams and recordings of OBS, my desktop audio is delayed in comparison to what is happening on screen. I am not entirely sure how to fix this, and for extra context, I did install two plugins for OBS, a blur effect and source clone, but they...
  6. J

    Audio-audio sync problems

    Greetings, I plan to stream a musical performance based on a hour-long video and a 5 minute video. The videos contains backing tracks and visual cues for song starts, and is set as a media source for the stream's main scene. The problem is that I cannot get proper audio sync between my...
  7. M

    Audio Troubles

    I'm trying to stream a switch game with a capture card to discord, but theres an audio delay. when I try to fix it with tutorials i see on youtube, the audio delay is gone for me, but then it just muted the audio for the people watching. i'm not sure what to do now, or how to fix this?
  8. H

    Audio not synched and echo..

    Hi. I'm having several audio problems, but the biggest at the moment is that when I record from VHS to my HDD, the preview audio is delayed from the video. I'm having other audio problems as well, but if I can fix this one first, it might fix the others, too. The other major problem is that...
  9. A

    OBS Stops Recording Audio After In-between LoL Games

    Hey there, I'm looking to get into content creation, so I started learning OBS. I got it all setup perfectly, I even got some virtual audio cables to separate my audio which is super nice. Getting to the problem, every time I finish a game of League of Legends, OBS just stops picking up audio...
  10. U

    OBS is lagging in footage and recording, and is replaying audio twice

    I'm trying to record a video, and my capture card is hooked up, audio is working, except its lagging. So I stop recording and look at the footage, and the audio is playing twice, AND the lag in here. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. T

    Audio desync on stream only with ElGato HD60S+, I'm desperate

    Good morning everyone. I recently purchased a ElGato HD60S+ to stream on Twitch my gameplay.I'm using a Xbox Series X console, paired with a Astro Mixamp TR 4th gen and Astro A40 4th gen. Due to the lack of optical out on series X, I was forced to buy a HDMI audio extractor to get optical to...
  12. C

    Audio delay in OBS / Streamlabs OBS

    Hello! I have Elgato HD60S for a year and it has always worked well, but yesterday it started to give problems with the audio. In the GAME CAPTURE application the sound works fine without delay, but when I open OBS or STREAMLABS OBS with the Elgato HD60S source the audio is 1 or 2 seconds late...
  13. J

    Crazy amount of lag when using Elgato HD60 S+ Capture Card on the switch

    I bought a new Elgato Capture Card in order to record me and my friends playing games together on the Nintendo Switch. I use a Elgato HD60 S+ through a 3.0 Adapter hub, yet 4K Capture Utility can't seem to detect that it's a USB 3 port. I have a NVIDIA 1050 with 16GB of RAM, computer is an i5...
  14. LastofAvari

    RNNoise filter, applied to the mic audio track causes 1 1/3 second audio delay for ingame (computer) sound

    Hello there. I've discovered recently that there's RNNoise filter which is working quite well, except that, when added to my mic's audio track, it causes computer audio to be delayed by approximately 1.3 seconds. This delay seems to be consistent and does not increase or decrease over time. My...
  15. O

    My Desktop Audio is Delayed Compared to my Screen Capture - Windows 10

    I am on windows 10, and as the title says, my desktop audio is delayed compared to my screen capture, however, my mic audio is not delayed. Nothing was in on yesterday's stream, but then today it was delayed. I didn't tamper with any setting on OBS or my mic, so I don't know what happened. Any...
  16. S

    Different Audio Sync Offset (delay) for different scenes

    So I usually stream and record both pc and ps4 games, for pc games I need a 100 ms sync offset for my microphone in order to be in sync with the webcam and the desktop video, for ps4 instead I need higher delay because of elgato HD, it's around 900 ms. For the webcam video I found a solution...
  17. M

    capture card audio delay issues

    I recently got a capture card and have been attempting to view it using streamlabs obs. Everything had been working fine except the audio. The audio had approximately a .63 second delay after the video. I have tried changing the delays in the advanced audio settings (the most common solution...
  18. H

    Audio is 6 seconds behind video

    OBS seems capable of doing what I need: record contents of various windows, the webcam, and speech. I record to a file, no attempt at streaming. Unfortunately, the sound is 6 seconds or so behind the video, which is useless. In the sound setup, I can specify a negative delay, but no more than...
  19. I

    OBS now has severe audio delay?

    So I recently bought a pair of headphones that had an in-line mic to record my voice for gameplay and at the beggining it was fine and worked as I wanted it to, however I had tried to change my setup (which didn't work) so I reverted it back to the way it was but now my audio has a severe delay...
  20. M

    iPad Game audio to my headset is delayed

    So far I think i got everything working good the recordings sound good with game sound n mic. But idk how to actually hear my game in real time as I play without a sec delay. Idk where to plug my headset in to the pc or to my capture card adaptor? I only get sound when hooked into the 3.5mm on...