audio delay

  1. Y

    Audio delay only in listening to OBS

    Hi, My issue: I'm using OBS on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). I set up my audio by adding an audio capture with pulse audio. This audio source is then set into "monitoring and output". I've disabled all other audio sources. When I record a video, the sound in the video is in sync. No issues here. But...
  2. D

    Elgato HD 60S+ Sound Delay

    Hallo liebe OBS Community ;D Ich besitze seit kurzen eine Elgato HD60S+ und wollte mal fragen ob es normal ist dass ich eine verstärkte Verzögerung habe wenn ich unter der Einstellung "Audioausgabemodus" auf "Desktop-Audioausgabe" gehe, da ich gerne den Sound selber hören will. Da die...
  3. D

    Question / Help Audio desync after switching scenes

    been streaming for about a year now, and i go between two different setups depending on the day of the week. my "mobile setup" consists of my laptop, and a "stream slave" pc, which is just an ITX pc, using an Avermedia capture card in the PCI slot. essentially, how my setup works is as image...
  4. B

    Question / Help Multicam Audio Offset

    I’m new to OBS. I have a video feed going from the HDMI out of the camera into my MacBook. The audio is coming in to the MacBook on a USB port from a sound mixer. I adjusted the delay for the audio. Very simple. Works great. The problem comes when I would like to have a second camera (the only...
  5. knopf55

    Question / Help Audio delay ruining OBS

    Installed OBS two weeks ago, streamed live music events successfully (except sound quality) three times via Youtube live-streaming on my channel. Video looks great. The sound quality is so bad, it has to improve otherwise I have to try a different encoder. Included: screenshots of all my...
  6. knopf55

    Question / Help Audio Lag High Sierra/OBS

    Finished enough youtube fix it videos to last a lifetime, trying the forum now. Running OBS lastest v. for High Sierra on my 13" macbook pro, see attached screenshot of system. I'm using OBS to stream live played music thru a mixer, and then into OBS via USB. I know USB has latency problems...
  7. erik.tews

    Question / Help Add audio delay for an virtual sound cable on Windows

    Hi I'm using OBS on Windows and I have several video inputs and a microphone. I use OBS Virtual Cam to participate in live streaming via Google Chrome. OBS VirtualCam by default always buffers 3 frames, which means we get at least 100 ms at 30 fps of video delay there and due to the processing...
  8. E

    Question / Help Audio output sync but not on Twitch.

    So this happened twice. My audio ouput of my stream PC is 100% sync. While i am monitoring, everything seems fine. But when i watch it on Twitch, there is like a 2,3 second audio delay. When i try to fix this, it only gets worse. Anyone had this before? I am encoding my stream om my Macbook...
  9. D

    Question / Help Zoom audio delay and echo in OBS MAC

    I have been trying to find a solution for this for months! I can't find any help. I use OBS streamlabs on a Macbook pro 2017. I am trying to do live stream interviews with OBS and bringing in the other person through ZOOM video conferencing. I set up the source for ZOOM and bring the video...
  10. jiografic

    Question / Help Echo Problem half resolved Skype NDI + OBS

    Hi guys I have tried different solutions to resolve that problem and I'm stil in troubles Today I have streamed 2 different interview with the same person. Test 1 = I have called a friend and I asked him to go live on my Facebook fun page that I made to test live stream interview. The video as...
  11. W

    Question / Help audio drift

    I'm experiencing audio drift when recording with OBS and I'm wondering how I can resolve it. I attached the log file from my recording attempts. My video source is an IP camera (Hikvision) that I'm connecting to via RTSP over my LAN wifi. My audio source is the line-in on my computer, coming...
  12. E

    Question / Help Skype Echo Help multi skype

    Hi all New to this and we are having issues with NDI and Skype and obs as below I will try and make it as simple as possible. Conference call between two people streaming on obs to YouTube we are fine everything is working fine. Add a third party to the stream and when you have three...
  13. W

    Bug Report Audio/Video out of sync

    I tried OBS Studio to capture a V4l2 stream, so can I record some VHS tapes in digital form. I have been able to configure OBS studio properly, and I can capture the stream, the sound, crop the image, set my preferred resolution, and the codec I want to use. So far, so good. The problem is...
  14. S

    Question / Help Capture cards gradual audio desync. Help. Pls.

    Hello, I recently built a second computer for streaming and I started to have problems with audio sync inside OBS. The wierdest thing is that the problem shows up only after 1~2 hrs of streaming. Before that, I also used capture cards on my main computer and everything was fine. Going back to...
  15. DukeYTReal

    Question / Help Cant Delay Audio

    I have gone into the mixer settings and put the MS delay to 650 (I am using a elgato) But the audio still isnt being delayed.
  16. C

    Question / Help Audio/Video desync after 1hr-1.5 hours of streaming

    I have a repeating issue while streaming on Twitch where my audio and video desync after about 1-1.5 hours of streaming. Viewers have told me the audio and video quality are just fine but after some time they drift and the audio eventually lags behind my video. Here's what I've tried so far...
  17. W

    Any way to delay mic input/output to OBS ONLY?

    I have a program that is lip syncing an avatar to my mic audio. But the visual of the program lags behind a bit. Is there a way for me to delay when ONLY OBS picks up my mic? I've put a delay on the mic as a whole but that still results in the same desync, as the other program is getting the...
  18. J

    Question / Help Issue with Audio Monitoring Drifting over Time

    I have two capture devices, "Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 1" and "Magewell USB Capture HDMI PLUS". When I use the PLUS with the XRGB video format and its audio device set up with the "Use custom audio device" option in the video capture source properties, then the monitored audio from that...
  19. Grappler_senpai

    Question / Help annoying echo effect throughout my recorded gameplay and streams

    for some reason,whenever I stream or record myself,there's this annoying echo effect that I can't get rid of, I don't know if it's my PC or something like that,I've even used NVENC codec and x264 codec I've tampered with my headphones,the mic volume,the desktop output volume,EVERYTHING! I don't...
  20. J

    Question / Help RTMP Video & Audio Delay

    Hi, so I have an incoming RTMP feed. However I want to delay that feed even further. I noticed a filter I can add is "Video Delay (Async)" Does that delay the audio too? If not, what is my best way to delay the audio with delaying the feed as well?