Question / Help Add audio delay for an virtual sound cable on Windows


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I'm using OBS on Windows and I have several video inputs and a microphone. I use OBS Virtual Cam to participate in live streaming via Google Chrome. OBS VirtualCam by default always buffers 3 frames, which means we get at least 100 ms at 30 fps of video delay there and due to the processing and some filters in OBS, the video is even delayed further.

I use a Virtual Audio Cable driver for Windows as my monitoring device in OBS, which is used by Google Chrome as a microphone. While for the recording within OBS, I can add some delay to my microphone so that Video and Audio are almost exactly in sync. However, that delay is not applied to the monitoring output and due to the extra delay introduced by OBS Virtual Cam for the video, I would need to add extra delay for the audio when it goes through the Virtual Audio Cable so that it's in sync with the video feed in Google Chrome.

Does anyone know a Virtual Audio Cable or similar driver for Windows (some kind of software that gives me a virtual microphone and a virtual speaker) where I can add some delay to the audio? I know there are a few things that allow me to mix the audio from various sources and apply additional effects to the audio, but I know nothing that supports some kind of delay. About 200 ms extra delay for the audio on Windows would be great for my setup.



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I'm REALLYY curious if you guys successfully managed to add a delay to a audio input!? I also installed the plugin and it installed just fine (checked this in the log) but when I add a delay it has no effect at all on the particular audio input ( a microphone in my case).

I tried this plugin because of the fact that the build in audio sync delay in OBS does not work for monitoring audio. I first thought that audio filters also were disabled for the monitoring audio, but when I tried to use (for example) a gain or compressor filter it does work on the monitoring audio. So really like to hear if you got it working


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Did anyone find a solution to this? I’m also sending the monitor output to zoom but the sync delay is not applied to it. Any help appreciated.


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Hey everyone I figured out something helpful, the delay you add does not apply to Monitoring audio. It only applies to your Output audio.