virtual audio cable

  1. F

    Obs virtual microphone

    I need to funnel my audio from obs to a microphone input. I've tried to look up YouTube videos and read the how to on the VAC Website. I am doing something wrong cause I never get audio. I've set my monitoring audio to the Vac cable. I have the audio properties set to monitor only for the...
  2. M

    Virtual Cable Monitoring Mic + 'Media Source' working for all apps EXCEPT Zoom!

    This one is super confusing... I have successfully got OBS + Virtual Cable A+B running and sending both the audio from my mic and an 'applause' sound effect being sent to `virtual cable A`. I know this is working fine, because when I got to my mac's `Systems Settings > Sound > Input' and...
  3. S

    OBS with Virtual Audio Cables & Zoom - Audio Loop

    Hoping someone can point me to something simple I've done wrong... My scenario is that I need to record and stream local government council meetings. Recordings are to MKV files for records retention purposes, additionally, meetings are streamed to YouTube for community members to view who may...
  4. L

    Virtual Audio Cable not Working

    It was working until yesterday, but when i started my pc today it wasnt working.
  5. Y

    Semi-free GroundControl CASTER | Virtual Mixer, Cable-Free Audio routing for Mac 2.0.5

    Here is some highlighted of GroundControl CASTER free version: 1. Free virtual audio device to stream your desktop sound to your favorite streaming app. 2. Free interface to monitor this audio stream in your headphones. 3. Free Soundboard track with funny sounds and an option to load your own...
  6. A

    OBS Stops Recording Audio After In-between LoL Games

    Hey there, I'm looking to get into content creation, so I started learning OBS. I got it all setup perfectly, I even got some virtual audio cables to separate my audio which is super nice. Getting to the problem, every time I finish a game of League of Legends, OBS just stops picking up audio...
  7. J

    Virtual Audio Output

    So first of all, I'm very glad that OBS studio added a virtual video output, so I don't have to use any plugin for it anymore. However, I'd like to see virtual audio output added into OBS, where you can maybe have multiple virtual audio outputs, and you could select what you audio tracks would...
  8. Hemanart

    Audio routing puzzle separating tracks with audio enhancer, pepega needs help

    My goal is to separate my system/game audio from music, which I achieved easily enough following tutorials but there's a huge issue: I use DFX/FXsound audio enhancer and can only apply the effects to either the system or music devices but not both at the same time without them getting mixed into...
  9. C

    Voicemeeter Virtual Cables Crackling ONLY in OBS for recordings and livestreams

    Hi, I am using VOICEMEETER POTATO with 3 virtual cables. A, B, and the FREE one. When having them routed in OBS to each have a different output so I can better control their sound and audio for the stream only, the audio for all outputs is crackling constantly. This is only happening in OBS. I...
  10. X

    Virtual Microphone

    I want to add a virtual microphone in OBS so that people can hear me from the virtual camera.
  11. A

    Using Monitoring Twice

    The solutions to two common problems both use monitoring. The first: Exporting your audio out of zoom to other platforms. For example, discord. You set up a virtual audio cable and turn on monitoring, making the monitored audio go to the cable. You then use the cable as input. The second...
  12. A

    Add virtual microphone to select a media source like the virtual webcam

    Now that the Virtual Camera feature has been integrated into OBS, it would also be great if a virtual microphone feature could be integrated and then a media source like the virtual camera could be selected so that users can also hear the sounds of the virtual camera.
  13. James Barlow

    Awesome new Virtual Cam. Feature creep request (virtual microphone)

    The new native Virtual Camera feature is a great idea, but it seems to have a couple of DirectShow issues in comparison to Fenrir's plugin. With Fenrir's code, the OBS output is available as a DirectShow Video and Audio device, which can be useful with some EdTech software like Panopto. The...
  14. 2

    monitor and ouput

    I want this working.... Hello. I have been to every forum pertaining to ask how to get this to work.... essentially I want the 'monitor and output' option for the audio to broadcast to my speakers as it does with streaming platform. I personally use OBS studio as a webcam in order to control...
  15. DasKraut

    Very Specific Audio Issue (Avid NDI, to OBS, to Zoom... no audio unless I spoof)

    Hey, folks. TL,DR: How do I get audio, sent to OBS from Avid NDI, out of OBS to Zoom on a Mac without including the computer audio as well? I've spent the entire weekend trying to get OBS to live stream my Avid Media Composer video output using NDI (built in to Avid) with audio. I'm on a Mac...
  16. My Living Room: Live!

    Request: Additional 'Aux Send' / monitor channel, or 'Virtual Audio Output'

    As more and more people are looking to livestreaming to connect with their communities in today's reality, new services are cropping up to serve those needs. Many in the OBS Studio community are looking to incorporate those services while maintaining OBS Studio as an integral part of their...
  17. erik.tews

    Question / Help Add audio delay for an virtual sound cable on Windows

    Hi I'm using OBS on Windows and I have several video inputs and a microphone. I use OBS Virtual Cam to participate in live streaming via Google Chrome. OBS VirtualCam by default always buffers 3 frames, which means we get at least 100 ms at 30 fps of video delay there and due to the processing...
  18. L

    [Windows 10] Seperate audios and distribute to 3 tracks: to hear, to stream and to record

    Important: this guide only works on Windows 10. No idea if it could work on Windows 8 since I've never used Windows 8 or 8.1. But I'm sure Windows 7 and below can't. Important: make sure you know basically how to configure Windows 10 (especially sound) and OBS. There is a similar guide about...