Voicemeeter Virtual Cables Crackling ONLY in OBS for recordings and livestreams


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Hi, I am using VOICEMEETER POTATO with 3 virtual cables. A, B, and the FREE one. When having them routed in OBS to each have a different output so I can better control their sound and audio for the stream only, the audio for all outputs is crackling constantly. This is only happening in OBS. I tried playing spotify in audacity as my microphone and the audio was perfect. Through OBS though, it is not. I will attach a video using obs recording, playing spotify through the Virtual cable B. You will hear the sound problem.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ti-VcUyv0G2m2v4RJNHq-3dwwOatfEcW/view?usp=sharing (file was too big to upload through OBS forum uploads)

To sum it up, OBS is "breaking" my virtual cables that work well with any other program, and I would like to find a way to fix the issue.

Thank-you, any help is appreciated