monitor and ouput


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I want this working....
Hello. I have been to every forum pertaining to ask how to get this to work.... essentially I want the 'monitor and output' option for the audio to broadcast to my speakers as it does with streaming platform.

I personally use OBS studio as a webcam in order to control my video and audio fully on my end and not through a proprietary web app or application. I have my audio routed through to virtual audio cables via Windows 10 built in audio solution.

Currently; if I ever want to listen into an audio source, I have to enable 'Listen to this device' through windows' sound control panel. The problem with that is, it is listening into the audio going into the monitor device (which is the virutal audio source that is forward facing to voice conferencing/voice calling services) which causes double audio....

What I want is to be able to control audio coming into obs (Which I have working) and have obs route the audio either to 'monitor only' or 'monitor and output'.... The issue is... I want the output in the 'monitor and output' option to both broadcast to streaming services and also to my speakers.... Is that possible?.... I hope it is. It would resolve my double audio issue because I would be listening into the audio from obs..... I do not have voicemeter, I hope to stay away from it if possible.

Is this at all possible via a obs plugin? Please help... I have been spending hours on this.