monitor and ouput

  1. U

    Browser's monitor outputs produce "flanging"(?) effect

    When using Helvum or QPWGraph to set up my connections, when I connect the monitor of the web browser input to my audio interface, I randomly get a sort of "flanging" effect from both my microphone which I am monitoring, and from the audio coming from the browser. I have tried with a few...
  2. R

    Keep audio monitor synced while having the audio sent to OBS be desynced?

    Hello, I have a slightly odd capture solution (Elgato Game Capture HD for capturing video, using an easycap clone to capture analog audio, and while the Elgato is sending video back to another monitor) and I have the audio sent through OBS using Monitor and Output so I am actually able to hear...
  3. S

    Would like to have both a YouTube and Video Outputs

    We use OBS to steam and record our church services. At times, there is need to have the service viewed in an "overflow" room. While this can be done through have the monitor set to view YouTube, the room is adjacent to the church proper and the 15 second delay is problematic. Is there a way...
  4. azMonsterkill

    Advaced Output

    Hello there, can someone helpme building a plugin like resolume advanced output for scenes?
  5. G

    Monitoring Audio through the headphone jack on my USB mic

    Hello! I’ve been trying to record gameplay footage from my PS5 with audio both from the console and a USB mic I have connected to my laptop running OBS. In total I have: - an Elgato HD60X capture card, - A Blue Yeti USB mic, and - two pairs of headphones (3.5mm). I would like to be able to...
  6. T

    Option to have Monitoring default to On when adding new source

    I like to run all of my audio through monitoring, but this means that every time I add a new source (in my case, new video clips) I need to manually set monitoring options in their Advance Audio Properties in the Audio Mixer from "Monitor Off" to "Monitor and Output". Each stream I add...
  7. jasonsgroovemachine

    Monitor And Output, but no output.

    This has been a thing for a while and I don't know if it's ever been addressed. I've got an audio source, it's playing, it's recording, it's going through the stream. I've got that track set to monitor AND output so I can hear it too. It doesn't output. Not all the time anyway. Sometimes it...
  8. J

    Monitoreo correctamente pero el audio sale desfasado

    Hace unas semanas estoy utilizando el plugin de monitoreo de auidio (en versión OBS 27.2.4 64 bits windows), funciona muy bien y ayuda mucho. El problema es que al comenzar a transmitir, en algún momento se corta muy brevemente el audio de la transmisión (menos de 1 segundo) y vuelve, pero...
  9. LegoOperator

    Monitor Output Latency from Elgato Streamdeck Acting as Soundboard

    Before I explain the issue, I will explain what devices I have or use and how I use them, then explain. Elgato StreamDeck -- Push button soundboard VB Audio Virtual Cable -- Merge soundboard and microphone output HyperX Quadcast S -- Default Microphone and Audio Output to my headset (has an...
  10. K

    Audio Monitoring doesn't work at all.

    Hi all, I've been tearing my hair out with this issue. I understand you must get a lot of requests for help on this forum but I've been through google for a week now researching a fix and I can't find anything. I'll explain what's going on... I'm trying to get the notification sounds from my...
  11. J

    Audio Monitor

    Hey I’ve be looking through the forums and some videos to understand the audio monitoring feature in OBS. My primary use for OBS is for my church service. I would like to monitor the audio that is coming from my digital mixer. I am not able to monitor from the mixer because the livestream setup...
  12. P

    1 MONITOR AND SEE FOLLOWERS AND DONATIONS on the screen!!!(solved partially)

    Hi , i was searching for a tool or some thing to add to OBS to see followers and donation in my screen that i was using to play and stream from it ( 1monitor )i couldnt find any thing that i can use but i searched soo much,i finally find a way to see all widgets on my monitor from one link...
  13. R

    Sound Monitoring with filter

    Hi, how can i monitoring a sound source with filter to a VB-Audio-Virtual-Cable?
  14. bossefraise

    Audio (monitoring) problems

    Hi, I've run into a very weird problem which I can't seem to find a solution to. I've been troubleshooting for the last couple of days to no avail. I'm just about to give up. To start it off, I followed the steps in this video a couple of months ago to be able to stream my in-game audio only...
  15. 2

    monitor and ouput

    I want this working.... Hello. I have been to every forum pertaining to ask how to get this to work.... essentially I want the 'monitor and output' option for the audio to broadcast to my speakers as it does with streaming platform. I personally use OBS studio as a webcam in order to control...