monitor and ouput

  1. azMonsterkill

    Advaced Output

    Hello there, can someone helpme building a plugin like resolume advanced output for scenes?
  2. G

    Monitoring Audio through the headphone jack on my USB mic

    Hello! I’ve been trying to record gameplay footage from my PS5 with audio both from the console and a USB mic I have connected to my laptop running OBS. In total I have: - an Elgato HD60X capture card, - A Blue Yeti USB mic, and - two pairs of headphones (3.5mm). I would like to be able to...
  3. T

    Option to have Monitoring default to On when adding new source

    I like to run all of my audio through monitoring, but this means that every time I add a new source (in my case, new video clips) I need to manually set monitoring options in their Advance Audio Properties in the Audio Mixer from "Monitor Off" to "Monitor and Output". Each stream I add...
  4. jasonsgroovemachine

    Monitor And Output, but no output.

    This has been a thing for a while and I don't know if it's ever been addressed. I've got an audio source, it's playing, it's recording, it's going through the stream. I've got that track set to monitor AND output so I can hear it too. It doesn't output. Not all the time anyway. Sometimes it...
  5. J

    Monitoreo correctamente pero el audio sale desfasado

    Hace unas semanas estoy utilizando el plugin de monitoreo de auidio (en versión OBS 27.2.4 64 bits windows), funciona muy bien y ayuda mucho. El problema es que al comenzar a transmitir, en algún momento se corta muy brevemente el audio de la transmisión (menos de 1 segundo) y vuelve, pero...
  6. LegoOperator

    Monitor Output Latency from Elgato Streamdeck Acting as Soundboard

    Before I explain the issue, I will explain what devices I have or use and how I use them, then explain. Elgato StreamDeck -- Push button soundboard VB Audio Virtual Cable -- Merge soundboard and microphone output HyperX Quadcast S -- Default Microphone and Audio Output to my headset (has an...
  7. K

    Audio Monitoring doesn't work at all.

    Hi all, I've been tearing my hair out with this issue. I understand you must get a lot of requests for help on this forum but I've been through google for a week now researching a fix and I can't find anything. I'll explain what's going on... I'm trying to get the notification sounds from my...
  8. J

    Audio Monitor

    Hey I’ve be looking through the forums and some videos to understand the audio monitoring feature in OBS. My primary use for OBS is for my church service. I would like to monitor the audio that is coming from my digital mixer. I am not able to monitor from the mixer because the livestream setup...
  9. P

    1 MONITOR AND SEE FOLLOWERS AND DONATIONS on the screen!!!(solved partially)

    Hi , i was searching for a tool or some thing to add to OBS to see followers and donation in my screen that i was using to play and stream from it ( 1monitor )i couldnt find any thing that i can use but i searched soo much,i finally find a way to see all widgets on my monitor from one link...
  10. R

    Sound Monitoring with filter

    Hi, how can i monitoring a sound source with filter to a VB-Audio-Virtual-Cable?
  11. bossefraise

    Audio (monitoring) problems

    Hi, I've run into a very weird problem which I can't seem to find a solution to. I've been troubleshooting for the last couple of days to no avail. I'm just about to give up. To start it off, I followed the steps in this video a couple of months ago to be able to stream my in-game audio only...
  12. 2

    monitor and ouput

    I want this working.... Hello. I have been to every forum pertaining to ask how to get this to work.... essentially I want the 'monitor and output' option for the audio to broadcast to my speakers as it does with streaming platform. I personally use OBS studio as a webcam in order to control...