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I've run into a very weird problem which I can't seem to find a solution to. I've been troubleshooting for the last couple of days to no avail. I'm just about to give up.

To start it off, I followed the steps in this video a couple of months ago to be able to stream my in-game audio only.
It worked like a charm, up until about 3 days ago when I by accident disconnected the external sound card/USB dongle for my Logitech PRO X headset - while playing the game DayZ.

After that, DayZ won't pick up audio on the device set to "Monitor and Output" to my headset.
The weird thing about this is, that it's a problem exclusive to DayZ. I don't experience this problem with any other game I have installed.

I've tried it with both OBS and Streamlabs OBS - no difference with either software.

This is what I've tried so far:
  • Tinker with the audio settings in OBS and Windows
  • Re-install audio drivers (Logitech and the HD Audio Driver for Windows)
  • Re-install software (DayZ, OBS and Streamlabs OBS)

I'm running out of ideas here.


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