Monitor Output Latency from Elgato Streamdeck Acting as Soundboard


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Before I explain the issue, I will explain what devices I have or use and how I use them, then explain.
  • Elgato StreamDeck -- Push button soundboard
  • VB Audio Virtual Cable -- Merge soundboard and microphone output
  • HyperX Quadcast S -- Default Microphone and Audio Output to my headset (has an audio jack out)

WORTH NOTING - All sample rates are the same. I have set them to 44.1k. Also, moving the sync offset seems to do nothing.

So, I use OBS for a lot of things. One of the things I use it for recently is monitoring the output of the soundboard that I set up on my Streamdeck. This soundboard can be used in any program; primarily Discord, as it routes to the VB-Audio Virtual Cable.

The sound effects play without issue. Even if they were a little out of sync, that does not affect anything. The issue occurs whenever I speak. Since the cable is used as a way to merge sound output and my microphone output, I end up monitoring both of them.

My voice is lagging behind, which destroys my brain and anything I would plan to say. The HyperX Quadcast S already allows me to monitor my voice in real-time by being plugged into it.

My goal is to find out what is causing the vocal delay and fix it while monitoring through OBS.