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Hey I’ve be looking through the forums and some videos to understand the audio monitoring feature in OBS. My primary use for OBS is for my church service. I would like to monitor the audio that is coming from my digital mixer. I am not able to monitor from the mixer because the livestream setup isn’t near the soundboard. I understand that the second option, monitor and mute output, only lets me hear the audio but won’t pass it to my stream which isn’t what I want. The audio and monitor option doesn’t seem to work I want it to. When I choose that option I can’t hear anything through my headphones but it comes out of the stream. Is there any method to monitor the stream audio without affecting the stream. I read some things about a separate audio card or something. If anyone knows a solution that would be great. Thanks


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Monitor and output is the correct setting.
In the main Settings dialog, Audio tab, You need to also set the "Advanced -> Monitoring Device" option to send to your headphones.
Also, you sometimes need to cycle the "monitor and output" setting to another setting and back again before it works.

I have a lot of trouble with this part of OBS, if you set monitoring device to headphones but the headphones are not plugged in when OBS starts, then sometimes you need to cycle this setting to another setting and back again. You may also find that it forgets the "monitor and output" setting and you need to go set it again. But once it's working, it does work.