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The solutions to two common problems both use monitoring.

The first: Exporting your audio out of zoom to other platforms. For example, discord. You set up a virtual audio cable and turn on monitoring, making the monitored audio go to the cable. You then use the cable as input.

The second: Apply filters to what you hear and hearing the same thing as your stream. A good way to do this is once again to use a virtual cable, and have your music software send it's information to the cable. Then, broadcast the cable with monitoring on.

I have been able to use multiple virtual cables with ease. My problem is that both of these require that your monitoring go to different places. The first to a virtual audio cable, and the second to you. I can't find a way to set separate devices to monitor to, or a plugin that could export the audio.

TLDR; I want to export my audio with the filters I apply and use monitoring separately, which requires using monitoring to multiple devices.