Question / Help Echo Problem half resolved Skype NDI + OBS


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Hi guys I have tried different solutions to resolve that problem and I'm stil in troubles

Today I have streamed 2 different interview with the same person.

Test 1 = I have called a friend and I asked him to go live on my Facebook fun page that I made to test live stream interview. The video as no echo problems
Test 2 = Ok, now we go live on the real fun page. The stream has echo!

Really I don't know how to resolve, it seems has no reason. Looks like I'm getting that problem random

How I set up NDI on OBS

Tools > NDI Output Setting > activate Main Output


Click on audio setting > filter


Step 3
In Audio Video Filters window click + add Dedicated NDI Output (Audio Only)

I did the filter step on both audio channels (Giovanni / NDI Source)

Any advice will appreciated :)


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Common causes/resolutions for echoing audio:

For what purpose are you sending audio output *from* OBS? Where is it going?

AFAIK Skype has NDI *output* that you can add as a source in OBS, so you can interview someone and stream that interview.

It doesn't accept NDI *input*... so where is the output from the dedicated audio filter you're creating going?


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I just watched a video tutorial that said to set up that options to resolve echo problems

What is AFAIK?

Thank you