1. S


    I have attempted to configure Reaper and OBS to accept input from Reaper and route it to the Skype Microphone input. All versions of Reaper and OBS are current versions (installed today 3/23/2023) on Windows 10 Audio is getting from Reaper to OBS but not to Skype nor to any other mode of...
  2. M

    Audio lag

    I'm having an issue where my audio and video are lagging behind one another, usually, the audio lags behind the video. This is when doing a Skype call via NDI. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy or what settings I can try looking at.
  3. D

    Recording in OBS window capture. No audio

    When I record in OBS a window capture Youtube video or Skype, I cannot record the audio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. ChoPraTs

    Performance issues with OBS Virtual Cam and Skype

    Hello. I have created several scenes in OBS to use its virtual camera during my online music lessons. Among them there are different sources as screen capturing, screenshot of a virtual piano keyboard, different webcam sources and combinations of all of these. But unfortunately, I can't use...
  5. B

    Skype Video (guest) lagging

    Hey there, would love any ideas/suggestions for help... I use OBS to bring in guests for interviews via Skype. Over the past few weeks, every guest I've had has experienced glitchy video feeds within OBS. Their video will stall for 3-6 seconds (audio remains unaffected), and then eventually...
  6. H

    Missing 1 of multiple NDI sources

    I'm using NDI and Skype to capture audio and video from the people on the call. I successfully capture the audio and video from myself and 4 others. The fifth person I'm only capturing their audio. The video shows up fine in the properties for the NDI source when I go to select the source name...
  7. jgygghbhjhf


    what i do if when im turning on my virtual camera plugin im getting BSoD how i can reinstall? how i can remove/change?? why my windows 7 computer is crashing??? i need re-install Windows 7????
  8. D

    Best OBS settings for Mid 2010 Macbook Pro For Recording Online Class

    Hello there, I would like to use obs on my macbook pro mid 2010 to record my online classes but i have no idea what settings to use. Could someone help me ? I want to be able to record meetings from google meet, microsoft teams and skype along with the computer's audio from the meeting or any...
  9. N

    Help how do I get a skype guest to hear video media source on a Mac? I need to do it tonight :(

    I have a setup where I have myself, a skype guest talking about a video clip on the screen at the same time. The video clip is a movie file brought in as a media source in OBS. My skype guest cannot hear the audio from the video when i play it in OBS. I'm using NDI to display and hear myself and...
  10. math_man

    Push OBS audio to Skype. - or - Why do the memes don't play properly?

    So I'm giving some private tutoring via Skype. For that I use OBS to have a facecam and a timer on top of my screen. What I was doing until now was that I used OBS build-in virtual cam as video output and then in Skype just used my microphone directly as audio to talk with the student. How my...
  11. B

    Skype and OBS Virtual Cam

    I use OBS with Zoom all the time so that I can use my iPhone’s video (by capturing the phone’s screen in OBS) and separate microphone (with VB-Cable). However, when I use it with Skype it consistently drops frames and is laggy. Is Skype just not cut out for OBS? Or is there something I’m missing?
  12. C

    Echo In Video Conference Only When Mic Is Routed Through OBS

    Merry Christmas. :) I'm using OBS for Zoom / Skype / video conferencing. I set up some audio filters as well. But when I go mic -> OBS -> Skype, the other person can hear herself, unless I use headphones as well. But when I go mic -> Skype the audio for the receiving end is fine, even if I...
  13. N

    Help Skype- OBS Audio Setup using NDI for Live Interview

    Hey everyone Would appreciate some help here, please. So I am trying to use skype NDI and OBS to record/ Livestream an interview. I use a Yeti microphone to input my voice and computer speakers for the output of the guest. Now obviously when the guest speaks then the sound coming out of the...
  14. vmr907

    Guest Can Not See Camera On Skype

    Hello, I've just started using OBS to do live streams with guests. The issue that I'm running into is that when I use Skype OBS uses my camera feed, and the person on the other end of Skype can't see me. Is there a way to share the camera with both Skype and OBS? As a workaround, I am using two...
  15. L

    NDI Video source won't stop resizing while live

    I use Skype and the NDI plugin to bring videos into OBS. When we are live, I notice that Skype videos have a tendency to resize mid-stream. For example, we'll be in the stream and without warning, a video at 600x400 is suddenly reduced to 300x200. And then sometimes it enlarges back to 600x400...
  16. D

    NDI Skype Keeps crashing

    I keep having a problem with NDI crashing my OBS the picture keeps resizing itself and then crashed, I'm clearly doing something wrong but not sure what I'll attach my crash logs. Thanks.
  17. B


    Hello guys, im new here and I’m having a issue. I have my one perfectly configured for streaming(so I think) I have done a few test on my own it works perfectly, however when I add add a call via Skype NDI my sound becomes absolutely dreadful, and I can’t figure out why.. do know if is because...
  18. Jrawl90

    URGENT HELP REQUIRED: Sound Looping when using Skype NDI

    I'm using NDI to pull multiple Skype feeds into a stream. I am having issues with sound looping thru all the feeds. Is there a setting that I can change so each Input is isolated? My show is Friday 9/4/20.
  19. W

    OBS and ND!

    Hi all, Failing miserably to get OBS +NDI +Skype to work. Skype desktop NDI enabled - yes NDI plugin in OBS - yes Start Skype meeting - add ndi source to obs - I assume one for each caller. I see my Desktop Skype feed in one ndi source - that is the only option. In the second ndi source -...
  20. M

    Spotify and Skype on OBS Studio

    Hey everyone! Somewhat of a quick question but for me it seems like a hard to tackle problem. Whenever I try to stream I have a starting page that counts down. On this page I have spotify sourced in so when its playing my stream can pick it up and show the song and album cover with Snip. The...