OBS and ND!


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Hi all,

Failing miserably to get OBS +NDI +Skype to work.

Skype desktop NDI enabled - yes
NDI plugin in OBS - yes

Start Skype meeting - add ndi source to obs - I assume one for each caller. I see my Desktop Skype feed in one ndi source - that is the only option.

In the second ndi source - there is no Skype available at all.

In Skype I see and hear two meeting participants - I only have access to my local Skype available in OBS.

No idea how to proceed.

Apparently this should be fairly straightforward. - Ha Ha :)

Any suggestions gratefully received.




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Right - I now have 2 Skype feeds coming into OBS (one each in their own windows - each being a separate ndi source).

So far, so good. I hit live streaming and it all appears in my twitch feed. However - it is hopeless. The lag is awful - there is no sound and the skype images are frozen.

Am I missing something here? Everything I have read tells me this is the way to go - only, of course, if it is workable.

Any ideas, anyone, please?



OBS version 25.0.8
Windows 10
Tried in Chrome, Edge, Explorer and Firefox


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I am having the same issue. Before, I was simply able to import a window display source using Skype window, and as long as the skype windows were pinned to top (not minimized) they would come through easy. then, the dreaded "update now" window..... now nothing works!!! not even my voicemod. so annoying!!!


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Try switching to the 'Skype for Creators' variant. It includes proper NDI output feed support per-participant.