Help how do I get a skype guest to hear video media source on a Mac? I need to do it tonight :(


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I have a setup where I have myself, a skype guest talking about a video clip on the screen at the same time. The video clip is a movie file brought in as a media source in OBS. My skype guest cannot hear the audio from the video when i play it in OBS. I'm using NDI to display and hear myself and the guest.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have also have livewire but haven't been able to figure it out yet and I'd like to record an interview tonight.

I'd really appreciate your advice.

Thank you..

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I have to experience with NDI, so here is what I do without NDI.

First of all, whatever video player you use need to have the ability to change output device (not use the built in device). VLC have this but Quicktime do not, so I need to point this out.
Second, you need to install a virtual cable or virtual sound card. Example are VB-Cables, Soundflower, iShowU, Blackhole, etc. For this case I will assume you use VB-Cables since you only need 1 channel.
Third, on your video player change the output to VB-Cables. Yes, this means that you will not be able to hear the audio when you play the video. There are workaround for this that you can set later.
Fourth, add another audio input device in OBS. The source will be VB-Cables (or whatever virtual sound card you install and use in point 3). Verify via the audio meter that when you play the video, audio is going in.

Now how to head the audio ?
If you are using VB-Cables then you need to install the Audio Monitor plugins in OBS ( Then set the target to either your built-in output or your other output device.
If you are using other virtual sound cards then you can setup a multi output device containing your preferred output above and the virtual sound card.