1. J

    Question / Help OBS & VoIP Calls (Quality Drop)

    When I record a VoIP call using OBS, my voice quality drops. People can't hear me very well, but I can hear them perfectly. On the OBS recording both ends sound perfect. But from the other end of a call I sound sped up, mechanical and choppy. Like Mr. Movie-Phone hyper and trashed at some wild...
  2. TheBradMenendez

    Question / Help How to add Skype Users to a stream?

    Hi all, new to the OBS world but can't seem to figure out on my mac how to add some sort of capture that will allow me to pull in skype users live onto my stream. I am doing a stream where I want to incorporate 2 other people and I know on my windows machine I can do it but can't seem to figure...
  3. jmnjwood

    Question / Help Add Play-by-Play Announcer

    Hello! I’m new to OBS, so I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find the answer, and I’m stuck... I am going to be streaming some professional dart players competing against each other, and need to add in a play-by-play announcer, who is not in studio with me...
  4. Thomas Loker

    Question / Help OBS will not show screen in screen capture mode with The new Version of Skype nor with Google Hangouts

    My Skype just updated, and of course I cant re-download and install the 7.xx version so I tried Google Hangouts. This is not working either. Does anyone have a suggestion that will work. We use this for our regular podcast and this is a big problem.
  5. U

    Question / Help Help with video teleconference during Facebook Live Stream

    Hi all, Our CEO does regular Livestreams to Workplace by Facebook (Facebook for Businesses) and he would like to chat with someone on webcam during his live stream. I'm familiar with how to set up the livestream through OBS and my Magewell USB capture dongle. I also have a number of programs...
  6. LovingMyFlicks

    Question / Help How to run OBS with Skype

    So I am a podcaster and a youtuber and I am in Arizona. I have two co hosts one in Florida and one in California. I want to be able to do a youtube video with the three of us in seperate video windows and eventually do live broadcasts. I saw this last night with a Halloween show on Youtube. Each...