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Hi all, new to the OBS world but can't seem to figure out on my mac how to add some sort of capture that will allow me to pull in skype users live onto my stream. I am doing a stream where I want to incorporate 2 other people and I know on my windows machine I can do it but can't seem to figure out how to make it happen on the mac...any help would be amazing!

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Please read attached document and follow the instructions.


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I am having trouble getting the ndi plugin to show up in OBS. I am on Mac OSX 10.12.6. I installed the plugin 4.6.1 and I have obs 21.2.1 (64bit). I have NDI enabled on skype and even called myself from my phone to a different account on the computer to test. It says NDI when Skype loads but I don't see anything regarding NDI actually IN obs. Any ideas?

I noticed that 4.6.0 works and shows. Any idea when 4.6.1 will work?
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Hi. I have a strange error with NDI plugin. Every time I try to add any NDI source OBS crushes with segmentation fault error. Skype NDI and any other NDI source like OBS Link works in wirecast demo. I tried reinstall of OBS, runtime, plugins maybe 10 times. Older and newest versions. It doesn't work. I have iMac 2019 with Radeon Pro 575X 4.
Do you know what may be the issue?

00:04:52.536: User added source 'NDI™ Source 3' (ndi_source) to scene 'Scene'
00:05:01.038: ==== Shutting down ==================================================
00:05:01.040: Switched to scene '(null)'
00:05:01.229: [obs-ndi] audio thread for 'NDI™ Source' completed
00:05:01.434: [obs-ndi] audio thread for 'NDI™ Source 2' completed
00:05:01.472: [obs-ndi] audio thread for 'NDI™ Source 3' completed
00:05:01.512: All scene data cleared
00:05:01.512: ------------------------------------------------
00:05:01.519: glClear failed, glGetError returned GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION(0x506)
00:05:01.519: device_clear (GL) failed
00:05:01.567: Freeing OBS context data
00:05:01.568: [obs-ndi] goodbye !
00:05:01.569: [Scripting] Total detached callbacks: 0

log attached.


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I have found the issue. If you go to to you will read "Download and run obs-ndi-4.7.1-macOS.pkg. This will install both the plugin and the NDI 4.0+ Runtime. On macOS Catalina (or if it doesn't install the NDI runtime automatically), you'll have to download and install the NDI runtime manually: download it here." - the runtime there is v. 4.5. We need v. 4.0. I had old version i've downloaded a few days ago on different mac. Now it works. I couldn't find how to share the file.


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NewTek upgraded their NDI packages late on the 25th and removed the old ones. I'd advise users not to update until Palakis updates his plugin. Unfortunately new users who didn't already have NDI installed only see the new package.