Question / Help Help with video teleconference during Facebook Live Stream


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Hi all,

Our CEO does regular Livestreams to Workplace by Facebook (Facebook for Businesses) and he would like to chat with someone on webcam during his live stream.

I'm familiar with how to set up the livestream through OBS and my Magewell USB capture dongle. I also have a number of programs I can use to capture the Web conference (Webex, Cisco Jabber).

The thing that I'm concerned about is the audio. I plan to use a microphone for the CEO, so we'll capture his audio fine there but when we introduce the second speaker and we switch to the view of the conferencing app, what do I do with the sound?

The main thing is that our viewers can hear both speakers fine but I'm also concerned that our CEO won't be able to hear the speaker on the other end but if I turn up the volume too loud, It might cause a loop in the sound (hearing from the app and then out on loud speaker).

I'm sure it's a really easy solution but I think I just need someone to spell it out for me. (not sure if there is a way I can switch audio at a click of a button).

Any help would be amazing.