1. Krishnam

    Question / Help Skype audio sync only on OBS Studio screens

    Hello all, Krishnam here from India. The audio and video sync has no issues on Skype app on Windows 10 BUT when I get the same audio and video feed into OBS Studio via NDI, I see that there a sync issue between audio and video ON THE OBS PREVIEW AND PROGRAM screens. However, there is no audio...
  2. daveneeley

    Question / Help NDI Source Options? Other options for multiple guests?

    Hello everyone. I started doing live shows with multiple guests from around the country last year. My early research made me believe that the best way to do this was by calling the guests in a Skype group and then adding each guest's separate skype feeds as an individual NDI source in OBS. This...
  3. jiografic

    Question / Help Echo Problem half resolved Skype NDI + OBS

    Hi guys I have tried different solutions to resolve that problem and I'm stil in troubles Today I have streamed 2 different interview with the same person. Test 1 = I have called a friend and I asked him to go live on my Facebook fun page that I made to test live stream interview. The video as...
  4. C

    Question / Help OBS to Skype setup problems

    New user needing help please. Here's my log of current session... Am trying to set up as follows: Video and Audio via USB into laptop 4 cameras and 2 mics controlled in OBS Studio version 25.0.4 obs-ndi 4.7.1 installed NDI 4 Runtime and NDI Tools...
  5. L

    Question / Help ATEM on OBS and Skype

    Hello, my name is Luciano. How to use ATEM how to exit video for OBS and Skype? Simultaneously.
  6. D

    Question / Help NDI plugin with Skype crashes everytime I try to add the source

    Hello I have macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra, OBS studio 24.0.6 (64 bit) I have today installed NDI plugin and runtime. The NDI appears in my source list - I add to the scene. I have my Skype call already running (I can see the video). I select under Source Name .... well it's hard to know, there are...
  7. Janisse Foresti

    Question / Help Black Screen when using Skype or Zoom

    Well I have just exhausted all of the Youtube Video helps. I downloaded the OBS Software to my MacBook Pro 15 inch. I have attached a Logitech 4K Pro Webcam and I have Blue Yeti Microphone. When I look at the OBS software, it shows a beautiful video or me in the screeN and it looks perfect...
  8. T

    Question / Help Skype sync - I've tried all the advice on the Internet!

    Hi, I've been working with tech and media since I was 8 years old. I'm a grownup now... with no idea how to solve this. Trying to stream Skype callers over NDI using Meet Now. At first, it is in sync with very little lag. Over the first minute or two, the video begins to drift late. My...
  9. Y

    Question / Help Mac Skype NDI poor quality

    Hello, everyone. I am desperate. I have a huge pain trying broadcasting remote speakers with skype NDI on mac. The source video quality is very bad. I guess 10fps on the lowest quality skype supports. Not sure why as both parties have stable 100 Mbs connection and on 10 Mbs youtube shows that...
  10. B

    Question / Help Streaming Skype call

    Hi there. I just have started to learn OBS Studio, I was looking for the solution for my problem, but couldn't find it. I would like to stream a Skype video call between two people to Facebook Live. In my OBS Studio, in Sources section I choose two sources: - Video Capture Device, which is my...
  11. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    Question / Help My NDI Skype video sources won't stay still. They are jumpy.

    I have one laptop running OBS, and another laptop running a Skype conference. Both laptops are hardwired and connected via an ethernet hub (NETGEAR ProSafe Gigabit Switch GS105). I am bringing into OBS the Skype participants via several Skype NDI sources. My Issue: The video sources are...
  12. J

    Question / Help Skype calls in my OBS show

    Hi everybody! I have OBS installed on my macbook pro, Catalina, and the OBS 24.0.3 (obs-24.0.3-installer-catalina-fix-02) It works perfect. I would like to have skype calls in my Facebook Live show, using OBS. Years before, it was easy: picking window capture. Selecting the Skype window. But...
  13. H

    Add "Sync Offset (ms)" option for "Audio Monitoring Device" (as we know it from "advanced audio properties")

    Dear Developers, please continue your awesome job (I am serious :-) ) by adding a "Sync Offset (ms)" option to the "Audio Monitoring Device" settings; similar to the offset inputs you'll find in the advanced audio properties. Virtual audio cables and the virtual-cam plugin have different...
  14. T

    Question / Help Please help a noob Can not connect with Skype

    Hi I'm totally new (noob). I have OBS with all the plugins and add ons. But I can not get skype in the source. I've read and watched all the videos I could find yet I can not get the two to see each other. I have downloaded skype influencer. Not sure if this file log will help...
  15. M

    Question / Help Skype Black Window NDI 4.6.0 Skype

    I know I am not the only one who comes across this issue, but it seems as it is always unanswered. I have used Skype in the past and had no issues, but it seems now I am getting a black screen despite selecting the correct source and user. I have attached my log file. Can someone please answer this!
  16. pdawg

    Question / Help Skype Screen on OBS won't appear

    I have the NDI plugin downloaded and can see it in OBS. When I get a Skye call all that happens is a little red square in the upper right hand corner of the screen. See attached picture. Everything seems to be working fine. But if I click on the square it goes away. I can't seem to get it work...
  17. P

    Question / Help NDI source Wont Show up using skype

    Ok so i downloaded the NDI Plugin anmd then turned it on in the Skype settings i then turned skype off, i go to obs turn my camera on and go to add a NDI source i have a call i made in skype and when i go to add the call i see the persons name and Live and i click that from the drop donw menu...
  18. T

    Question / Help OBS and Skype

    When I add NDI and add skype all is shows is a red dot on top left corner.. When I add window it show the red box but skype. Can any one help?
  19. NOTT Podcast

    Question / Help Please help with OBS and Facebook Live

    Hi, I need help with OBS and Facebook live. When I use OBS with FB Live with just me as the only user, the quality and sound is great! No lags, no buffering no hang ups at all. HOWEVER, when I use skype to interview guests, it's HORRIBLE!!!! The sound is there but, the picture constantly...
  20. TheBradMenendez

    Question / Help Can I use something other than Skype to have guests in OBS?

    Hi All, Thanks in advance, this community is always so helpful! So I have been using obs and skype to have a person guest on my twitch stream the last few weeks, the issue I run into is as soon as I skype someone in, everything gets super laggy (though when I look at OBS no frames are being...