Question / Help Streaming Skype call


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Hi there. I just have started to learn OBS Studio, I was looking for the solution for my problem, but couldn't find it.
I would like to stream a Skype video call between two people to Facebook Live. In my OBS Studio, in Sources section I choose two sources:
- Video Capture Device, which is my laptop cam
- NDI Source where I choose Skype call
This way, in OBS I can see myself as well as my Skype caller.

The problem is, once I set Video Capture Device in OBS, Skype stops seeing my camera, it just shows the black screen. So the stream picture is fine, however my Skype caller can't see me (unless he watches the stream, which is pointless because the stream is always bit delayed). And vice versa - if I connect on Skype before opening OBS, "Video Capture Device" in OBS does nothing, it just shows the black screen. So to sum up - I can make my laptop cam work ONLY either in OBS or Skype. Is there any way to fix that? Thank you in advance.
Your webcam can only be use by one application at a time. So it's either skype or obs.
You can try the obs-virtualcam plugin and use that in skype as a video source. Either the main obs output or as a filter output from a single source (so your webcam)