Add "Sync Offset (ms)" option for "Audio Monitoring Device" (as we know it from "advanced audio properties")

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Dear Developers,

please continue your awesome job (I am serious :-) ) by adding a "Sync Offset (ms)" option to the "Audio Monitoring Device" settings; similar to the offset inputs you'll find in the advanced audio properties.
Virtual audio cables and the virtual-cam plugin have different latencies; by nature. Therefore the in OBS (stream + recording) perfectly synced audio/video signals reach video-phone software (Skype / Zoom / Hangouts / ...) with a notable gap. If the video is early and the sound late, I could just increase the virtual-cam buffer. If the sound is early and video comes late, I have no feasible option in OBS to solve that.

I could imagine that this is a relatively simple and fast ;-) to achieve goal, as similar code is already in production for a longer time. - Please implement it rather sooner than later.

Thanks in advance

Just some additional thoughts and info:
There is at least one other user with the exact same issue / demand. ...and judging from the many forum posts around this; quite a few of the others could have found this solution/feature helpful, too.

Changing the offset in advanced audio properties is no option as it would screw-up the perfect sync of my recording in OBS. Finding / using virtual audio cables with the option to add a delay turned out to be a pain in the a***.

Yes, the gap is there for real. No drift; but constant gap. No overloaded hardware. No overloaded USB bus. Decent resources: Dell Precision 5820 workstation - 3.6GHz CPU (4 cores / 8 logical processors) - 32GB RAM - Nvidia GForce GTX 1060 (6GB) - 512GB NVMe SSD - all USB ports are USB 3 super-speed - BlackMagic HDMI Mini Recorder (to capture HDMI input) - PreSonus Studio 68c (to capture audio).
Audio settings are all aligned to 48kHz and same bitrate (as far as you can set them in any place: system, virtual cable, OBS, ...)
Oh, and we are not gaming or the like. Just plain how-to / news channel; showing camera picture (greenscreen), powerpoint, browser, virtual machine content via window capture source.
Recordings by OBS are state of the art. Just going-live via Skype / Zoom / ... suffers from the aforementioned gap.


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Absolutely quote!

I would like to teach online masterclasses.
I've correctly set my main offset in advanced audio properties ed in fact both recording and streaming are perfectly in sync.

When I start an OBS Virtual Cam, monitoring it to a couple of audio tracks setted as Skype (or Zoom) input (via loopback) I loose sync.
Please :)