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    Record at a single frame offset?

    I typically record at 120fps and frame blend to 60. I wanted to record at 180 but between bitrate and my pc not being able to record that, I was wondering if it was possible to run the game (beat saber) at 180fps, and record each replay at a 1 or 2 frame offset to stitch together a high quality...
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    OBS 26 Virtual Camera Mac Audio Sync Solved!

    Struggling with audio sync and the built-in virtual camera. In reading these forums, it looks like the way people are trying to solve for this is through NDI Tools or virtual cabling. I was leery about introducing another software layer to solve a sync issue so NDI was out. I had Black Hole...
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    Audio out of synchronization after scene editing

    Hello everyone, For my setup I use an ndi camera and the line in input of the pc for the sound. I have set the sync offset so that the video and sound are synced. However, every time the PC is restarted the sync offset is getting bigger. I was able to fix this by Check / Uncheck the box for...
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    Add "Sync Offset (ms)" option for "Audio Monitoring Device" (as we know it from "advanced audio properties")

    Dear Developers, please continue your awesome job (I am serious :-) ) by adding a "Sync Offset (ms)" option to the "Audio Monitoring Device" settings; similar to the offset inputs you'll find in the advanced audio properties. Virtual audio cables and the virtual-cam plugin have different...