Question / Help How to delay a microphone in the monitor device

Hi, i'm in trouble as I can't find a solution to sync audio and video in the monitor device (my computer).
I'm trying to set up a live studio by using OBS as video mixer and I'm not able to sync audio and video while I'm showing the tranmission on a projector attached to my pc.
I'm using some IP cameras to send video signal to OBS and, after this, I'm showing the transmission by using a projector attached to my computer through an HDMI cable. I'm recording audio by using some microphones and an audio mixer which sends the audio signal into my pc by using an audio card. The problem is there is a delay in the video signal and I'm not able to put a delay on audio to compensate the difference.
I've already tried to use the delay option into the audio mixer, but I've noticed the delay affects only the signal which is trasmitted by LAN and doesn't acts on the audio which gets out from my computer's loudspeakers. I've succeded in putting a delay on other sources (multimedia files...), but I'm not able to do that on a microphone device. Is there a solution to this issue? Thanks in advance

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Hi danieleorisio2000,
and everbody else reading this :-)

please vote for my idea to add a "sync offset (ms)" option to the "audio monitoring device" settings.
(If you don't see it yet, it's still pending approval.)

I am facing a very similar challenge. Did intense research. The hard way would be to chain several virtual audio cables + audio repeaters + plugins together (costs at least € 50,-).
The pretty solution would be an "offset" option for the audio monitoring device setting; similar like the ones in the advanced audio properties.