1. M

    hardware requirement for streaming from Zoom to Youtube

    Hey guys, I'm going to do a live broadcast of an event to Youtube. It will happen through Zoom, but as there will be simultaneous translation into another language, I will need to use OBS. I won't be using my web cam or microphone, my only function will be to broadcast... What would be a...
  2. I

    Question / Help Stream Service won't except Chaturbate

    Chaturbate does not come up as one of the services, and when I tried custom it did not work either. In custom I put the url: And then the stream key, but it would not work. Please help!
  3. Gohst


    Hello, OBS cames with standard "Plugins" like an Noise Gate/Suppression, Compressor, Limiter Expander etc. (also with SideChain option). It would be great to integrate an also an Standard EQ so the "Vocal" part would be done. 1.Noise Gate/Supp 2.Comp 3.EQ (4. Limiter) I know you can load...
  4. D

    Question / Help How to delay a microphone in the monitor device

    Hi, i'm in trouble as I can't find a solution to sync audio and video in the monitor device (my computer). I'm trying to set up a live studio by using OBS as video mixer and I'm not able to sync audio and video while I'm showing the tranmission on a projector attached to my pc. I'm using some IP...