Spotify and Skype on OBS Studio


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Hey everyone! Somewhat of a quick question but for me it seems like a hard to tackle problem. Whenever I try to stream I have a starting page that counts down. On this page I have spotify sourced in so when its playing my stream can pick it up and show the song and album cover with Snip. The only issue is if I'm streaming with friends I want to get the Skype call all set-up before I show my stream scene but the audio is getting picked up as well. This is because both Spotify and Skype are getting picked up by my Desktop Audio.

The question is, is there a way to isolate the spotify sound so that is the only sound coming into the starting scene and have the Skype audio essentially mute?

Probably making this more complex then it has to be as I could always just mute the Skype call, but was wondering if there is an actual way as well.

Thank you!

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