Question / Help Please help a noob Can not connect with Skype

I'm totally new (noob). I have OBS with all the plugins and add ons. But I can not get skype in the source.
I've read and watched all the videos I could find yet I can not get the two to see each other.
I have downloaded skype influencer.

Not sure if this file log will help

I would really like to use skype to interview a guest to broadcast to Facebook.

Thank you so much


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Check that you can view the feed from Skype in another application to make sure that Skype's NDI output is working properly.

It appears you have set up OBS and the NDI plugin properly. If Studio Monitor can see the feed but OBS cannot, check that you have selected the source properly and there is an active call.

If Studio Monitor cannot see the feed, then you need support from Skype about why NDI output is not working.


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With an active call, Skype should produce three separate NDI feeds to choose from: Skype Local (yourself) Skype Remote (your caller) and "Skype Active Speaker" which I presume is supposed to choose a feed from the participating members of a conference call based on audio activity, but I have not tested this feature yet.