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    Question / Help Zoom not displaying in OBS via Game Capture properly

    Hi World, Has anyone else recently had issues between Zoom and OBS? I've been running interviews with it where the setup is me and the guest on Zoom and then, using Game Capture (because nothing else works), I'm getting very hit and miss integration between the two. As in sometimes it'll show...
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    Question / Help Please help a noob Can not connect with Skype

    Hi I'm totally new (noob). I have OBS with all the plugins and add ons. But I can not get skype in the source. I've read and watched all the videos I could find yet I can not get the two to see each other. I have downloaded skype influencer. Not sure if this file log will help...
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    Question / Help System requirements specific to laptops

    What are the system requirements for laptops in order to use obs? It is not for gaming but for a Opinion Commentary livestream.