Question / Help Skype audio sync only on OBS Studio screens


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Hello all, Krishnam here from India.

The audio and video sync has no issues on Skype app on Windows 10 BUT when I get the same audio and video feed into OBS Studio via NDI, I see that there a sync issue between audio and video ON THE OBS PREVIEW AND PROGRAM screens. However, there is no audio or video sync issues in my local video recordings.

It looks like , there is something in OBS studio or the NDI that is not able to show audio / video sync ON THE OBS PREVIEW AND PROGRAM screens and the same reflects when I go live.

So, three points;
  1. Skype app audio and video sync is fine on Windows 10
  2. Skype audio and video sync via NDI in OBS studio local recording is fine.
The issue is ON THE OBS PREVIEW AND PROGRAM screens where the Skype audio and video is not in sync and hence the same shows up/reflects in FB / YouTube live.

Hope I made sense.

Any suggestions for me?