NDI - Skype Active Speaker & Skype Local


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Hello All,

I believe I already know the answer, but wanted to toss my question into the ether regardless.

I'm broadcasting a webshow from OBS utilizing multiple Skype inputs without issue; 3 remote callers and 1 local.
There are no issues when the scene displays the 4 separate inputs as individually windowed.

The webshow has individual segments where hosts present their content -- Skype inputs are sized-up to display the presenter as the only image on the screen.

During these segments the other hosts will often chime-in with background comments or reactions. I have been utilizing the 'Skype - Active Speaker' source to auto-switch.
However, I've noticed that the 'Skype - Active Speaker' source does not auto-switch when the 'Skype - Local' source is in fact the active speaker; the auto-switching only occurs with remote sources.

Have I missed something glaringly obvious? Is it possible to include local sources in the auto-switching 'Skype - Active Speaker' source feature?