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Hello, everyone. I am desperate. I have a huge pain trying broadcasting remote speakers with skype NDI on mac. The source video quality is very bad. I guess 10fps on the lowest quality skype supports. Not sure why as both parties have stable 100 Mbs connection and on 10 Mbs youtube shows that stream health is excellent with no dropped frames. Screen share is in great quality.
As I see in NDI specification NDI requires very high bandwidth (around 100Mbs for HD video) is that a case? Is there any other solution for live chat with good video?
I've tried but window capture is giving 5 fps, display capture is better but still like around 12fps. I have new iMac and i guess it should handle that easily.
Thanks for any help!


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Hello, can anyone share own skype experience? is it a Mac, NDI or coronavirus effect on the network? I need to find streaming solution till Monday.


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Most videoconferencing services are experiencing extreme load right now. It is extremely unlikely that this is due to your configuration or NDI, and extremely likely that the issue is Skype.

NDI does require significant bandwidth and is intended for use across a local network. (Skype between distant computers, NDI from the computer running Skype to the computer running OBS, either over the loopback interface on the same machine, or to another machine on your local network).